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March 27, 2012
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Kitty Pryde - Finding the Perfect Choice by psylockefan Kitty Pryde - Finding the Perfect Choice by psylockefan
Ahh, yes...The jewish hero, of the X.
A great character!

Many of these are requests, or just popular choices...2 of them are MY original choices (Shailene and Willa)...


1.) Shailene Woodley: MY original choice, who seems to be getting a lot of attention now after i casted her as Kitty on!
Now one of the best young actresses, who won multiple awards for her performance in the Descendants! She deserved them as well! She was just amazing....Great performance! After watching her shine in that lead role, I knew I HAD to cast her, and figured, why not find a new Kitty, and she fit! She has the look, voice, and acting skills to fill this role out!
I think she is the perfect choice!

2.) Willa Holland: A new choice I came up with an hour ago....Though Shailene is my first choice, I think Willa could do a great job as well!
She has become a great actress, and after watching her in Legion, I knew she could handle not only the dialogue, and drama, but the action as well! She was very composed, smart, and fun! I thought she fit very well!

3.) Lily Collins: A requested, but smart choice! Lily is a actress who is rising to fame rather quickly! She is also a model as well, now! After watching her in The Blind Side, Priest, and a few other, yet smaller roles, I think she could easily pull it off!
I can't wait for her to play the lead role in the Mortal Instruments! She will be amazing!
She has a great future ahead of her, for sure!

4.) Sarah Hilland: A new young actress, who has been doing TV, and is now a choice for Kitty, growing in the CBM community!
A friend on has suggested her to other people, and I thought she looked just like the original Kitty, back in the day!
Her acting skills, plus look makes me think she could be awesome!

5.) Ashley Rickards: This was requested as well....I am not opposed to this, but I have only seen her in one episode of Awkward, and I just don't know if she fits....
She is cute, and pretty funny, but seems a bit me, at least?

6.) Milla Kunis: This is for my friend, RobertTheComicWriter, who has her for Kitty!
I personally want her as Wasp in the Avengers, but since she is a jewish actress, who looks a lot like an older Kitty, I think she works as a current Kitty very well! She has grown into such a great actress, after a long time of me hating her, I love her now! She is smart, sexy, and very homely! She can pull off a relatable character easily!

7.) Lyndsy Fonseca: My friend suggested her...I no longer agree with this, sadly...She is a great actress, and sexy, but her voice is just not right...Plus, I think she is overly sexy, and too kick ass now. I say save her for Rogue, or something, where she could truly show off not only her acting, but her kick asseriness (Pretty sure that is not a word :P )...But, since she is a fan-favorite, I had to add her for the fans.

8.) Michelle Trachtenberg: I am 100% against this. I hate her, honestly. She was in my FAVORITE show, Buffy, but I hated her. She whined too much, screamed any chance she got, and was an utter mess.
She was a fan favorite, so I did add her, but I hate it. I just...ugh...That's all I have to say, really.


Shailene: 20, 5'8

Willa: 21, 5'7

Lily Collins: 22, 5'5

Sarah: 20, 5'2

Ashley: 19, 5'4

Mila: 28, 5'4 1/2

Lyndsy: 24, 5'5

Michelle: 25, 5'7

Who do you like?
Who do you hate?

My choices:

Sailene Woodley
Willa Holland

The ones I HATE:

Michelle Trachtenberg
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I hate to say it but like them all
Haha, that's fine by me! Thanks.
Nina-D-Lux Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know shes not an actress and would never have a chance of playing her, but i always imagine the perfect face for a real life kitty is Miranda Kerr :D
Oh, Miranda is utterly AMAZING!
I love her! She is BY FAR my FAVORITE Victoria Secret model! She does have a great face for the role!
Nina-D-Lux Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
shes one of my faves too :D though i think candice swanepoel is gorgeous and chanel iman is really cute too.
Candice is a goddess!
Her and Miranda are perfection!
BlackCorbis Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lilly is cute, Trachtenberg is so, so wrong. Love Shadowcat ... after she grew up! In the older comics she was very annoying and what was up with her and Colossus? She was like 14 years old!! Did anyone at Marvel stop to consider how creepy that was?

No ...
Lily is awesome!
And cute!
I agree with you on Michelle! I hate her! And, Kitty was a good character!
She sis have her annoying moments!
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