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June 4, 2012
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DC Movie Casting: Enchantress (New 52) by psylockefan DC Movie Casting: Enchantress (New 52) by psylockefan
This is an original choice for the crazy powerful character, Enchantress.
This is based off of the New 52 Enchantress!

The day before yesterday, another caster on CBM did a New 52 Justice League cast, and at first, I was a little iffy on his Enchantress, but she grew on me, and now I think it fits rather well! But, I decided to cast my own Enchantress, with someone new!

I chose Ksenia Solo!
She was one of my choices for Raven, in my Teen Titans cast, but someone else won the role.
I am a huge fan of Ksenia, and her dark, yet exotic look....She brings a lot of emotion and depth to characters, and if you want to see her in a dramatic role, watch her episode of "Nikita"! She was amazing! She played a teenage prostitute, from Russia, who was friends with Alex (The 2nd main character) while they were in the same warehouse (The place where the russians keot their hookers). She brought depth to the young, drug induced teen....But I know her from "Lost Girl" as well, where she has a lead role. She is great in that as well! She has a darker look, with a little bit of hupster style in there, which I feel is needed for this crazy character!

I did change her hair color from black to red, to match the character!
I wanted to go outside of the norm, and cast someone unusual for my taste!
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I love ksenia solo, especially as kenzi. Do you know the name of the episode of nikita she was in?
The episode was named "Alexandra". :)
Oh my Gord, I LOVE Ksenia. She is High-larious as Kensi; she's like a female version of Xander from Buffy. That and she has the most stunning eyes.
She is GREAT as Kensi!
She is a lot like Xander! I just realized that! Her eyes are amazing!
Very stunning!
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